Children of God

An Australian Parent

To be sure, the man is the product of the child, hence the role God has blessed the parent with is that of helping direct the child toward God. The question is How?

Firstly, a parent must accept the fact that a child is not my child, and secondly, that the child does not need the parent, but more often than not it is the parent who needs the child. Children are dependent on God and themselves, whereas, parents are often dependent on their children. Mothers assault children with kisses and touches, and fathers yoke them with the light in their eyes.

Do not try and make the child an extension of yourself. The child has no need of your fears and deep-seated social concepts of what is right and wrong. The only possible way to teach a child is through example, thus in order to improve a child, one must improve himself.

The best way to do this is through simple yogic practices done on a permanent and regular basis. If you practise awareness of yourself and attempt to lead a steady, spiritual life, you will see this reflect in the child, who will in turn illustrate to you qualities like pure faith in God, which in turn will reflect in you.

You are your child's teacher and the child is your teacher. As the child grows older, explain the social do's and don'ts, why we have them and why we live by them. But understand them yourself, so both you and the child are not bound by them, and live an inner life that knows no bounds.

In my experience as a parent, there is little that can be more touching than a child waking, saying Om, Om, Om with the light of God in his face.