Experience in Yoga

K. Arumugam, Coimbatore

Early in 1979, Bihar School of Yoga, Bangalore ashram conducted yoga classes in Coimbatore for a week's duration. A few members joined the class - my wife, Sushila, was one of them. Little did we realize then that we had stumbled upon a priceless treasure.

Sushila had been suffering from migraine for over 15 years - during which period we had tried allopathic, ayurvedic and homeopathic remedies, and failed. She used to get severe attacks two to three times a month. The headache would last a couple of days and each bout exhausted her completely. She was dragging herself with strong painkillers secretively, but the headache left only when it pleased to. We dreaded the attacks and felt frustrated and helpless as doctors had no permanent cure for migraine. So, when Swamiji suggested that her headache could be cured by yoga, we did not really believe her. Sushila was advised to do jala neti, kunjal and shankhaprakshalana, along with some simple asanas and pranayama. She was also put on a vegetarian diet. To encourage Sushila, my son and myself also started practising yoga, regularly.

Within two months Sushila's migraine gradually became less severe and in another couple of months it stopped altogether. Yes - without a pill or a poke - her migraine left her for good! The cure, coming after fifteen years of frustration - is a miracle. Besides this great boon, yoga has also bestowed individual bonuses to our family. Physically Sushila has trimmed down for the better. She is now able to face a long day cheerfully, even in the hot sun. Formerly, roaming out in the sun meant inviting migraine without fail.

My son was on the fat side and used to be the first to catch the seasonal sickness, reacting like a barometer during change in weather. He would tire easily and could hardly keep his eyes open after 9 p.m. Now he has shed a great deal of weight. He is able to study for longer periods late in the night. He takes cold water baths like us even during winter and boldly gets himself drenched in heavy rains to demonstrate his resistance to colds and coughs!

As for myself, my health was fairly normal except for occasional attacks of coughs colds or flu. With regular practice of yoga, I now feel like a new man. I would not have believed it before, if anyone had told me that it is possible to experience better health - a top of the world feeling - which far exceeds what we generally think of as normal health. Twice in the past eighteen months I had definite symptoms of an attack of flu. But I carried on as usual with cold baths and yoga, only doing jala neti three times a day instead of once. The symptoms passed off without taking any medicine.

For those who belong to the school of thought that health is wealth, yoga is a great treasure. Unlike riches this is a treasure any finder will be happy to share with one and all. And what is more, it is a treasure within anybody's reach!

Man is capable of incredible things, of infinite knowledge and bliss, if he takes steps to raise his level of awareness. Yoga systematically unlocks the portals of higher consciousness and leads man beyond the horizon of limitation to a greater vision of fulfilment within this very life.