High on Waves

Swami Kriyamurti Saraswati

I was one of the leaves on the tulsi tree
Which grew in Mira's temple.
Listen and I will tell you the story
For I was a silent witness there.
I watched and listened as night after night
She danced in the temple till the morning light.

As she danced the light sparkled through her long locks of hair.
As she moved her ankle bells tinkled and bracelets jingled.
Rubies and diamonds adorned her slender neck
And rings bedecked her fingers
Her feet - so soft and nimble - were always bare.
She danced and danced, alone she danced there
To the rhythm of her heart, and when she sang
The temple bells rang with the sweet melody of her voice.

But one night she came and the moon was dark,
There was grief in her eyes and sadness in her heart.
She wept at the feet of the tulsi tree
"Tulsi Ma! Take me to Him! Let me away!"
And a hush fell over the golden floors
Where she lay outstretched lifeless and cold.

But the Lord took pity and stepped down from his image
Knelt at her side and whispered, "Mira, I've come."
O joy! Her eyes beheld his face,
And the walls of the temple reflected his grace
"Mira, my love!" and they danced until morn
When He vanished again into his stone form.

If ever you long to unite with the Lord
First pray to Ma Tulsi who will fulfil your wish.
Then weep, cry and pine till He hears you - He will
He will come in your dream, He will dance in your sleep.
Till the maya of day begins to retreat
And a new night world starts to form in your mind
With Krishna the dancer, the magician, the Lord
O, take over my mind and dissolve all the ruins
Krishna, I am your temple and you are my life.