High on Waves

Swami Yogananda Saraswati

Do you want to know how to change your mood
To lift yourself out of a feeling that's blue?
Work is the answer, karma yoga is the way
To forget your worries and to brighten your day.
In selfless service the answer lies
Please try it, you'll get a real surprise
For it will give your whole day a lift
And the mood of depression will have to shift.
Don't think of yourself, think of others too
They've a right to be happy just like you
In this world all have an equal right
For everyone is the same in God's sight.
Instead of thinking only of you
Think of others feeling lonely or blue.
People are full of their worries and woes
And your friendly smile a long way goes
To dissolve their fears and to lighten their load.
We are all travelling on the same road
In the same direction, tho' most know not where
And we are all striving though laden with care.
So give a friendly smile, lend a helping hand
Do things for others, make them understand
That we are all here with a purpose, a view,
That the reason for living, they may understand too.
No one should live just for himself alone
The world's full of people, not only your own
And alt nations, all peoples are really the same
Though the customs may differ, and maybe the name.