Psychic Healing

Dr Swami Shankardevananda Saraswati, MB, BS (Syd.)

Investigating the phenomenon of psychic energy and how it fits into psychic healing and other related subjects, Dr Hiroshi Motoyama has used his AMI (Apparatus for Measuring the Functions of the Meridians and their Corresponding Internal Organs) and Chakra Machine in an experiment in which a psychic healer attempted to inject prana into a subject.

The results of this experiment were presented to all those assembled at the Fourth International Conference on Psychotronic Research, held at Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1979.

From the experiment Motoyama proposed that:

  1. Psi-energy (prana) is emitted through fingers or palms.
  2. When this energy is injected into a chakra, changes are induced in the acupuncture meridians (nadis) containing the point or connected to the chakra.
  3. The meridian system and the sympathetic nervous system are mutually related.
  4. The activity of the psychic (pranic) energy in the meridians and that in the sympathetic nervous system proceed in opposite directions and the entire system of the body is maintained in dynamic balance and harmony by their opposite actions.
  5. Psychic healers have the ability to discern disorder in the meridian system or in the body organs and tissues by feeling the psi-energy emanating from the patient.
  6. When psi-energy is injected into a patient in psychic healing, changes are induced in the meridians of the healer closely associated with his awakened chakra. This implies that the chakra is the source of the energy.
  7. Psi-energy is first converted into a form of physical energy which, in turn, generates changes in various physical variables.
  8. Excitement in the sympathetic nervous system and the cardiovascular system was noted during psi-energy transmission.
  9. A close relationship between nadis, meridians, prana and the sympathetic nervous system seems to exist.
  10. Psi-energy and physical energy have mutual interactions through the intermediary of the chakras.
  11. In psychic healing the energy which generates the phenomenon is supplied by an awakened chakra and is emitted by acupuncture points located at the fingertips or through the palm.

The above findings tend to confirm the claims of the ancient yogis, seers and healers who spoke of prana, nadis and the various systems of energy within the body. They laid out maps by which, through the aid of yoga sadhana, prana can be amplified for the use of the yogi himself or, in the case of a healer, for the benefit of others. The work of researchers such as Motoyama is helping to delineate the ancient claims in the jargon of science. New maps, more applicable to their times and more in tune with modern needs, are being made and will serve as the foundations of future and deeper research and application.