High on Waves

Swami Yogananda Saraswati

We show a mask to the world outside
To conceal the tumults going on inside.
We smile politely, say 'thank you' or 'please'
But tho' appearing calm, we're not at our ease.

And when there's not tumult but a rebellion inside
We're no longer polite and we don't try to hide
Our pent-up emotions; we're hurtful, unkind.
For the moment not caring, so 'Please, do you mind?'

When we're hurt or unhappy or angry within
And hateful to others, due to the state we are in.
When we snarl or bite back, it's the animal in us,
Our very grossest aspect, that is making all this fuss.

And when there's reaction on another person's side
No purpose is served, for nothing's gained thereby
Except to add fuel to the inferno in the mind.
So it's best to be silent and to be kind.

Just let him be, his emotions expressing.
Getting rid of them, instead of repressing.
Understand his hurt feelings, understand his way
But don't let it affect you and poison your day.

Why should another's reactions react upon you?
Don't allow what they do to have an effect on you.
Those tempests and turmoil's come from outside
They are temporary - what storm ever abides?

When the waves of your mind keep on coming
Why wait for them to subside?
There's a place of calm at your centre
And that's the place to reside.