High on Waves

Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Rajnandgaon, 1960

The soul experiences the objects of this world
through the mind and senses, when it is awake.
The same soul experiences the samskaras of this world
through the medium of the mind, when it is overcome by sleep.
When the soul is freed from the effects of experiences
born of a mixture of sattva, rajas and tamas,
and when nothing but pure sattva remains,
then it stands as it is.
Hence, all sadhanas have a twofold mission,
cultivation of sattva and eradication of rajas and tamas.

Desire and its retinue constitute the body of rajo guna.
Inertia and dullness, the body of tamo guna.
Serenity and peaceful equilibrium, the body of sattva.
When desire and restlessness capture your mind,
you are certainly overpowered by rajo guna.
When you feel like sleeping and sitting idle,
you are captured by tamo guna.
And when your mind is saturated in divine thoughts,
then you are in the realms of sattva.

Tamo guna is eradicated by rajo guna,
that is why karma yoga is prescribed.
Desires which represent the body of rajas
become feeble in the presence of vairagya,
which is an outcome of the death of tamas.
With vairagya on the one side and ever growing peace,
contentment and equilibrium on the other,
desires are defeated and sattva at last prevails.
But sattva too must be transcended.
This is accomplished by paravairagya
which arises by itself
just as the light appears spontaneously
with the rising sun.