High on Waves

Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Rajnandgaon, 1960

Samadhi is a blissful state of mind
Where there is no other experience except atma
This too is consumed in full fledged nirvikalpa
When not even a bit of the individual functions.

Savikalpa retains the experiences of atma
In the form of Ishta
Nirvikalpa is at once homogeneous
Devoid of any subject or object.

Bhakta can talk to Ishta in the state of savikalpa
There he feels close to his Lord
He is so aware of his Lord
That he loses all self-consciousness.

He hears the divine speech of his Lord
He finds all questions answered and wishes fulfilled
He is taken back into the arena of his previous lives
Which he views with awe and wonder.

Then God becomes a concrete reality to him
Guru becomes a divine power
He truly feels his Ishta before him
Just as you see your living father before you.

The only difference is that you see your father
While you are aware of yourself
But in samadhi you see the Ishta
While you are unaware of yourself.

Having attained samadhi, bhakta becomes calm,
Peaceful, cheerful, powerful and intuitive
A veritable medium of his grace and lila
Atma manifests through him.

Body, action and thought are divinized
Everything moves according to his wish.
This is difficult to follow through intellect
But you will experience it when you attain samadhi.