High on Waves

Swami Mitrananda Saraswati

In this world of changing scenes
I float
A shell in the moving sea of life
Though I may move with the currents
Though I may rise and fall with the waves
I am not of the sea
This is only a passing apparition

That which has sent me holds me fast
Tied with a golden cord
My form is of the sky
And I am a child of the sun
Even as I may dwell now
Far from my source
It is that flame that burns in my heart
And the light of my heart rests with the sun
My soul plays among the clouds
And laughs with the winds of the universe.

Soon the waters may be burned dry
And my shell shattered into a thousand pieces
Then shall my soul fly
As a bird soaring towards a mountain peak
Yet I am content.
The sun that guards me through the days
Shall one day come
And lift me to that abode

And when my part on this stage
Of life has ended
When the plays and trials are gone
Then I shall return from whence I came
To rest in union for eternity.