High on Waves

Swami Yogananda Saraswati, a senior sannyasin of BSY

You're only as old as you think you are
But if you keep thinking on old familiar lines
Of days gone by and those past happy times,
If you just sit thinking life has ended for you
Now that you've retired, what is left for you then?
You'll just mope yourself into a dismal old age.

Now there is time to do all those things
That you once wanted to on youth's golden wings.
Age has a beauty which youth cannot hold
But if you've lost interest in things that are bold
If you just resignedly accept your fate
Your life will be dreary and who'll be your mate?

Now that you're retired, turn over a new page
In the diary of your life and begin a new stage -
A new way of looking and finding and doing
And you'll find that new joys will start accruing.

There's no need to discard your familiar old things
But find out the joys that this new life brings.

Your time is your own now, to use as you please
So enjoy your leisure, there's no boss to appease
But do something worthwhile to enrich your days
Remember your purpose, don't get lost in a daze
Make a resolve now to do something new
Make your own acquaintance, find out who is you.

Your future lies in your very own hands
Will you make this journey to new inner lands
Will you make the effort to break out of the cage
In which you're imprisoned, to start this new page
Of a brand new chapter in a fulfilling new age?
Only your hand can turn over the next page in your life.

Make a resolve now, make it simple and clear -
'Who am I?' - and you'll have a golden Leap Year.