High on Waves

Swami Muktananda Saraswati

Oh yes,
I have found many answers in my life;
but every bright circle of illumination
was brinked by a black land of fresh questions.
Even in the sunrise a man is trailed by his shadow.

Oh yes,
I chose various saviours to follow in my time; but they were false, or I was.
So I just had to follow my own uncertain path.
Always questions leading into darkness,
my shadow looming ahead at sunset.

Stumbling after my heart into the dark night
I shook off my shadow but lost all light;
in chaos at the very edge of myself you found me.

The sun rose in your eyes
as you drew me towards the light
so that now I stand in the blazing noontide
of your grace,
my shadow invisible beneath my feet.

Oh yes,
my gracious sage has gifted me with his secrets;
and now I know
there is no answer,
only further questing towards
that which is wholly beyond
both the anguish and joy of living.