High on Waves

Swami Kriyamurti Saraswati

Enough I have strived to reach for the stars,
I have fought with the heavens and revelled in wars,
I have proudly confronted the sun king himself
And defiantly flouted his will and his laws.

But now is the time to bow my head down
To turn my eyes inwards and take off my crown;
My hairs have turned grey and lined my brow,
Though my strength is still with me I'm more cautious now.
For I've reached the tip of life's golden hill,
I see down in the valley not rivers and fields
But death; and I'm humbled and look to my past
With regret at its waste, for there's nothing to last.

Yet around me like spirits I sense in the earth
Intuitions, a whisper, a hint of rebirth
And somehow I feel that they speak of my soul
Which deep, deep inside me wants to unfold.
From now on my steps must be careful and sure
For they lead to the centre, the meaning, the core;
Impulsive acts and wilful deeds
Do not bring a man closer to the vital seed;
The fabulous city can't be captured by force
But by diving deep to the inner source.