Swami Yogananda Saraswati

For just a few minutes, sit down quietly,
Close your eyes, close your ears
Yet listen to me.
For just a short while
Forget things to be done,
Be quiet, be still
And I will be with you.
For just a few minutes, forget worldly things
Relax your body, your mind
Try to hear your heart sing.
Bring all your attention to bear inwardly
And discover the joy of sitting quietly.
Keep your eyes closed and look within
At the screen of your forehead, what do you see?
Do you see colours, or streaks of light,
Or maybe a flock of swallows in flight,
Or a candle flame, a shining star
Or maybe nothing at all do you see
But you are sitting and looking quietly.
Do you hear music or the sound of a bee?
Is your being tuned to perceive inwardly?
Be still - know that I am there with you,
Chant Aum mentally - know that God is there too.