High on Waves

Swami Kriyamurti Saraswati

When will it end, the passion of the mind
And desires of the heart, so rest less!
Let me rise above those smaller vibrations
And leave behind the voices of the street.
The clanking of plates.
The noisy chatter
And fly up high to your abode.
I pray, make me strong
And fill me with your essence
So that I do not need to look outside
For my joys.
Give me your grace, don't keep any distance from me,
March into my open heart
And occupy my dreams!
As a king takes over a city
And seals all the gates of the kingdom
Make sound my weaknesses
And reign supreme, undisturbed.
May all my senses serve you
And may I rise higher and higher
Into the cloudless heavens where you dwell.
Oh Lord, you are so high -
Why do you leave me down here
To crawl among the animals and spiders?
Don't leave me alone to die,
Tossed by the whims of the world -
Bring me to where you are.
Give me the magic passport.
My Lord, let me see you,
Give me a glimpse of your glory.
Let me leave this crazy life,
Take me to your heaven.