High Anxiety

Confronted by an impenetrable barrier
The future obscured
By the weight of past struggles ,
Now has become torment and strain
An effort to fulfil hopes and desires
That cannot be attained.
What are you seeking
Beyond your confusion?
Your mind is broken
Shattered, destroyed.
Blindly in darkness
You grope for the pieces
To try to remake an impossible dream.
For what you have lost
You never had gained.
Only fantasy patterns remain
Now where will you turn?
Oppressed and bewildered
Tension created, energy dissipated.
You rule not your thoughts
Command not your actions
So how can you make your destiny clear?

This pattern is different
As I watch in the sunlight
Its petals unfold.
Its motion is endless
Its glory unceasing.
I am not its master
But I give myself to it
And float on the waves
Of a translucent ocean.
It surrounds and protects me
And opens my vision
To horizons beyond my capacity to see.
Yet it is not my image
For I am lost within it.
Within it is all and all becomes one
Grasping the strings of the universe
The world turns to its tune
To reflect and resound
With the soul of creation.