High on Waves

O Lord
Is there any hope of you in this life?
If there is - then where are you?
Where is your abode?
If there is any vision of you, where is it?
How long I have waited! Is it not long enough?
When I am seeking you, why do you hide from me?
Are you afraid of me?
If I am afraid of you, there is no excuse.
Still I must seek you, with all my fears.
You are so mighty, so high and so wide
I cannot see either your source or your greatness.
I run to catch you and your love
but there are difficulties, problems.
Bound by illusion, by the seeds of desire
I look back to see if I have lost you
or taken the wrong path.
Then where am I and for whom will I be?
My life is passing like a river
but still something blocks my path and your vision.
Sometimes I know that you have come
but my eyes cannot see, my ears cannot hear
Will there be any place for me
when this life is exhausted?
You are the one who will lead me to you
but still I am waiting, waiting for you.
You have eyes for the whole world.
But of my two eyes, with one I look forward
and with the other I look back
for I fear that I have lost you.


You have not lost me,
I am always with you
no matter where you may be.
Because of illusion you do not see me
because of Illusion you cannot hear me.
But always I am there with you
guiding you, sometimes chiding you.
Do you not feel the love of me?
Do you not know I am there with thee
Because of illusion you cannot yet see
but illusion will go - and you will be with me.