High on Waves

Thou art in the innermost depths of all being
thou art in the hidden recesses of mind.
Thou art at all levels of every being
at all times thou art the glory I find.
Thou art in all things, all beings that are
animate, inanimate - thy force is in all.

In all that exists there is always thee
in the stone, in the moss, the flower, the tree.
Thou art the source, the creator of all
thine is the life force which throbs in our veins
thine is the life force which give us the pains
we must suffer, to learn and rise up again.

Thou art the secret, thou art the life
thou the commandment, and ours is the strife.
We learn from our errors to profit by giving
to face up to life and the battles of living.
Thou knowest all, thou knowest the rhyme
thou givest freely in fullness, in time.

Thou art the golden bird that watches me
till I from my earthly fetters break free
and discover that thou art really me
and the I that I was is also thee.
Thou hast awakened the sleeper in me
thou hast uncovered the me that is thee
thou art my prana, thou art my life
thou my deliverer, the end of all strife.