High on Waves

When the disciple achieves union
of body, mind and soul
the world of duality exists no more.
At this moment the eyes become steady
And life comes to a stop at one point.
There, neither sadhana, penance nor detachment remain.
When desires are extinguished
When the name is one with every breath
Lightening flashes into each corner of the darkness
And a new light is shed.

Having obtained the gist of life
How delightful is its splendour, its sound!
In meditation the world of ego has been submerged.

When discipleship is achieved
Who is guru and who is chela?

There is pride in the path of greatness
The indication of duality, momentary illusion.
Thorny is its path, with flying dust
On rocky ground, the intricacies of guru.

The path of the disciple is great
Made of love, surrender, union
And full of fragrance as a bed of roses
Swaying to the lilt of sweet music.
A strange moment in which sorrow and grief come to an end,
When complexities are burned, flowers bloom
And thorns lose their prickle,
Nor is there dust or rocky ground.
When the spring of sadhana gushes forth
Clear water flows and in the cradle of the mind
An intellect, a siddhi opens up
And there is song forever - samadhi.