High on Waves

You have gone on a journey in your youthful days
Of seeking and wondering who you are
And what is the meaning and purpose of all.
Journey on bravely, have no fear
For now you are no longer alone
Ton are protected by a mantle of love
And unseen hands guide and direct you.
Though your footsteps may falter, your strength seem weak.
Be assured you will reach that goal which you seek.
Journey on bravely, and if you feel tired,
Give yourself time to pause and reflect
On the glory of the sublime heights before you.
For if you get too fatigued you may fall prey
To temptations and thoughts of return.
What have you left that demands your return?
Your days of worldly ambition are over
Though you may not yet have fully grasped this fact.
You still feel you belong neither here nor there
But in truth you are already with me.
You have realized the emptiness of worldly life
Yet have not attained to other planes of existence.
You are not certain of where you belong,
But I know who you are and where your home is
And where you will find all the things that you seek.
What is past is over and cannot be restored,
It was all a part of the journey of your soul
And your search to find your real self
You have begun to realize what you really are
And what the purpose of your life really is,
If you return to the world now you will be lost
And your life will have been spent in vain.
O child, keep your eyes fixed always on the goal!
You are my child who has returned to me
Let me see who can keep you from me now,
You are surrounded by love and by light.