High on Waves

It has been told from generation to generation,
and so it is sung by the bards and sages,
that he who would enjoy life and gain enlightenment
shall partake of the grain of truth.

This grain springs from bindu, the primal seed -
rooted in the rich earth of mooladhara,
watered by swadhisthana's unconsciousness,
ripened in blazing manipura sunlight,
fortified by the pure air of vishuddhi.

The wise man mills the harvest
between the stones of austerity and service
and collecting the yield of unshakable vision,
he kneads it with the amrita of intuition,
baking the sacrificial loaf in the fires of renunciation.

Yoking his soul to the powers of the cosmos,
the sage shares this yoga with men of worth,
by means of them to reach the myriads of the people.
Christian communion, Moslem loaf of hospitality,
bhiksha of Buddhists, Shiva's prasad -

Yoga is the life bread
broken to sustain the spirit of all mankind,
for even a single taste transforms
every meal into a feast of truth,
all of life into a celebration of awareness.