High on Waves

There is nothing that heaven does not protect;
there is nothing that earth does not sustain;
and there is nothing that does not dissolve
in the fullness of time, but consciousness.
In truth we are all interwoven and life and death are simply one thread-
one line seen from opposite ends.
In reaping the plants death gives life,
for we sacrifice what is conscious and lively
in the pure gifts of earth
to nourish the higher life
and purer consciousness of mankind.
Holy mother Shakti cherishes all
and provides for each the sustenance that is fitting.

The forces of heaven and earth nourish all
and it is in harmony with dharma
that where there is excess it shall be taken
to make good what is deficient;
that the thirsting mouth shall be quenched
and the outstretched, empty hand shall be filled.
By sharing earth's bounty in the spirit of ahimsa,
both body and soul will be abundantly satisfied.
He who pursues the path of yoga
takes what in himself is excessive
and places it in the service of humanity
as dakshina to Shiva.
Thus he preserves his body and fulfils his life
in blissful communion with the supreme.