High on Waves

Some people laugh their whole lives through
They know how to laugh and make others laugh.
Other people spend their whole life crying
Tell me which kind are you?

Laughter is an art.
Sometimes laughter comes spontaneously
But that's a different thing -
Later such persons also cry.
But when you know how to laugh
And make others laugh
You will never cry again.

When you see someone laughing
You can't control yourself
You must join in.
Therefore the person who can make others laugh
Is really in tune with himself and with them.

So how will you learn the art of laughter,
This most excellent of yogas?
If you really wish to perfect it
You will have to consider your life as a joke,
For life begins in one second
And in one second it ends.

Even when you cry
Consider your crying as the greatest joke.
Because of its temporary nature
You can't maintain the state of tears
Before long you will be tired.

But you can laugh constantly, day and night
For there are many ways to laugh.
You can laugh loudly or softly,
You can just smile,
Or laugh silently in your mind,
But you will never tire of laughing
And you will benefit greatly from it too.

Now I'll tell you a secret
If you don't want to cry
Then learn how to laugh.
How? You will find the way.