High on Waves

We can live freely within the essence of nature
Or stay in the confines of individual consciousness.
Our mind is modified by right and wrong knowledge, fancy, sleep and memory.

Neither right nor wrong knowledge brings wisdom.
Fancy is not based on reality.
Sleep fails to release awareness.
Memory clings, giving no freedom.

Some of these things are painful some are not painful
but burn them altogether and find peace.
Each day watch the colours of your mind
until the light shines clearly
and you see straight through the cravings of the senses.

Thus you will win freedom from experience
which carves you to its form,
release from desire which eats you from within.

Becoming whole and still you can reflect
the world within your own self,
and like the mountain lake spontaneously reveal
the beauty of snow-capped peaks, the sun and moon,
yet still be filled with the living waters of bliss.

Though saints are born in samadhi
all can work towards this goal
with faith, strong will, intelligence.

If you want this very much we will be together soon.
If the urge within you continues to grow
we will unite in samadhi.
By devotion to the lord we will be one.

God lives above the causal world
untouched by actions and consequences.
In him is the seed of infinite omniscience.
He is the guru of all gurus; he is Aum.

Live in the meaning of aum with each breath,
Thus your awareness throws light on the inner consciousness.
When this is done what problem remains?