Be Wise

Sri Swami Sivananda

O man!

The knowledge and experience that you have at present should reveal to you the essential values of life and bring before your minds huge vistas of future progress. The bitterness that usually introduces itself together with all enterprises in the world shows that something is not well with the ordinary methods of approaching things. Suffering, disease and death are indications of a severe want in the scheme of life.

How chivalrous is he who runs after his own shadow! Such indeed is the nature of the attempt to obtain true happiness from the things of the universe. The great error of the world is the faith which is cherished in regard to things that perish.

The heavens shall pass away. The earth shall pass away. The solar systems shall pass away. It is unwise to seek refuge in such unstable appearances. Yet you cling to them with great hope. The result is disappointment and dissatisfaction. Nothing that is not real can promise true happiness.

What do you see and hope in the world? Endless ambition to achieve enormous power and happiness. The ambition is really praiseworthy. But you have not learnt the exact method of the correct solution of the problem. You wish to build bungalows, purchase motor cars, grow vegetables in your own garden. You become a householder and try to maintain a big family. But with what effect? You are not happy. You want, and again want, more and more. And what do you really want? What is your real wish?

Man! Be not duped by the false show that is kept up by this universe. Open your eyes. You really do not want bungalows, do not want cars or estates or wife or children. You want happiness, you want joy, satisfaction, delight that is unadulterated - nothing else. And where is happiness?