Sri Swami Sivananda

  1. There is no end to craving. Hence, contentment alone is the best way to happiness.
  2. The two important impurities of the mind are attachment and desire.
  3. True religion begins where intellectual confusion ends.
  4. The purpose of philosophy is investigation into the nature of things and search for the reality.
  5. Purity is the mainstay of spiritual life.
  6. Where there is no faith, there will always be a lot of understanding.
  7. Modesty is the ornament of the great. Servility not modesty.
  8. Arrogance is the result of maladjustment in life.
  9. Man’s need of God is fundamental. It is of everyday’s and every moment’s importance.
  10. The remedy to all sorrows lies in surrender to God.
  11. Many of our troubles arise out of misunderstanding and false imagination.
  12. Talk less, pray more. Hate less, love more. Take less, give more. Indulge less, restrain more. Sleep less, meditate more. Sit less, serve more. Worry less, smile more.
  13. The way of friendship, love and compassion is the way leading to happiness.
  14. Give happiness to others and you will be happy.
  15. Do not distrust others; with trust and good will you can achieve more.
  16. Fasting and self denial help one to control the senses and the mind.
  17. If moral and spiritual values are not inculcated from one’s earliest years, one will end up as a bundle of complexes or as a misanthrope.
  18. Imposition of external discipline cannot help and improve in many cases. A change of heart is needed.
  19. The end of wisdom is freedom; the end of culture is perfection; the end of education is character; the end of knowledge is love.
  20. That eye alone is real eye, which sees God in everybody.
  21. Welcome truth from whatever corner it may come.
  22. The veil of Truth or the Eternal is the mundane mind.
  23. The soul rises in divine splendour in proportion and the life of senses is decreased.
  24. Forbearance is charity, compassion and sacrifice.
  25. Forgiveness is an ornament worthy of one and all.
  26. Reform yourself first, before you try to reform others.
  27. Cultivate silence. Inter silence. God speaks to you in silence. Silence of mind is real silence. Silence conserves energy and bestows abiding peace.
  28. Wholehearted and sincere prayer, with unswerving faith in God; will achieve marvels.
  29. Love, co-operation and understanding are the corner stones to world peace.
  30. Relax. Remove tension. Abandon fear and worry, Meditate. Learn poise, soul balance. Poise is yoga. Equanimity is yoga.