Scientific Shavasana to remove Mental Tensions, Worry and Fatigue

Yogacharya K. B. Sahastrabudhe

Are you bored with your normal life? Do you think that life is without meaning despite all of your comforts and conveniences, your home, family friends and bank balance.

Think of your tensed nerves, your worried mind with endless family and business problems, unhealthy body with stiff backbone, rounded shoulders, a big tummy, dropped chest and ill ventilated lungs coated with tobacco, tar and nicotine resulting in unhealthy shallow breathing, an anaemic brain without concentration and will power due to the lack of oxygen and circulation and then you need a different kind of weekly yoga camp from the ordinary one.

It has been found after research work by the great cardiologists and scientists of the world that Shavasana is the best modern and scientific method of relaxing the body and the mind. Few Asanas and Pranayama help the endocrines glands secrete hormones and help cerebral cortex to have mental equilibrium and nervous system in the best form.

These above methods will solve your problems of day to day and you can have best positive health.

Any time of the day or night Shavasana for 20 minutes can be performed. Shavasana done in the morning before beginning the day provides you relaxation that keeps you calm and irritation free for 6 to 8 hours.

Shavasana done at the end of hard day will relax and refresh you, helping you to unwind from business or office problems and worries. You can do shavasana in the office or work site - half way through the day or at any time you feel the need to relax.

Who needs relaxation?

Everybody, people both young and old, man and women. From all walks of life. Professionals and businessmen, executives, politicians, lecturers and ministers. Shavasana is highly useful to those who suffer from disturbed sleep, feelings of inadequacy and indecisiveness, anxiety and hopelessness, disinterestedness and guilt, worry and nervousness, high blood pressure, insomnia and nervous debility and breakdown. As well as in cases of sinuses, chronic headaches, migraine, depression, etc.

Shavasana has worked wonders for so many persons it can do the same for you.

Turn off tension, worry and fatigue. Shavasana relaxes and refreshes you in mind and body within 20 minutes.

Its unique action upon your nervous system gives you complete freedom from tension, worry and fatigue. Within the short space of 20 minutes with no implements and instruments, you are a changed person, relaxed and refreshed in mind and body, calm and composed, ready to face up to even the knottiest problem with greater efficiency and confidence.

Shavasana works in a unique manner

It is a unique yogic method, the first of its kind in the world. As you start on giving auto suggestions they help the nervous system to improve and with result that the nerves relax, relaxing you from the grip of tension and worry. So gentle and calm is the shavasana action that it helps to tensions and after the 20 minutes process it is rather recharging the energy.

Shavasana is the world's first yogic ralaxer. Designed in scientific way, developed and introduced in Bihar. This was invented 14 years ago by our Gurudev P. P. Swami Satyanandaji after a great scientific research work done by him. Since then it has been tried by thousands and thousands of men and women of all ages and in all walks of life and has given them relief from tension and its after effects.

I know cases where tablets and medicines were stopped by patients (in Bombay and its suburbs) for high blood pressure after practicing Shavasana, but they continue doing Shavasana twice or once a day and they find their HBP always normal.

You will thus find Shavasana not only useful in combating tensions but also dealing with stubborn headache, fits, stomach disorders, migraines and other ailments which stem directly from tensions.

Tests have revealed that Shavasana's unique action leads to better and deeper sleep, lower blood pressure, stronger pulse, as wells as remarkable changes in behaviour, practitioners have shown greater productivity, increased will power and greater confidence when faced with problems and worry.

Shavasana has helped so many persons to live calmer, more relaxed, more productive lives, you are no exception - you could be next. The mind and the body are not really separate entities, they are two parts of the human organism. The mind is the controller or the computer and the body is the machinery. They are closely interrelated. As such improvement in the general health of the body automatically helps to bring about mental changes.


Shavasana removes fatigue, tiredness, tension stress and strain that even deep sleep cannot eliminate. The depth of rest achieved in 20 or 40 minutes of Shavasana is almost twice as deep as that gained after whole night's deep sleep.

While doing Shavasana oxygen consumption and metabolic rate decreases. By Shavasana the tensions and anxiety are removed from the nervous system which constricts the arteries and retards the flow of blood particularly to the extremities of mind. There is reduction in the concentration of J blood lackate which has been associated with anxiety neurosis, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure.

Process of Shavasana

Lie in the supine position on a blanket without a pillow, lower limbs 30" apart and hand 6" by the side of the body - by this position the oxygen consumption is less and the energy is less wasted, keep the forearms in the mid-prone position and fingers semi flexed. Close the eyes - relax the body and the mind completely. There should have no movement of any part of the body except rhythmic abdominal movements.

  1. Make a strong resolve that I am improving in my general health, I will have no physical or mental aliments, I will live long for hundred years.
  2. Concentrate on the breathing and chant 30 SO HAM along with the breathing in and breathing out. 4 minutes.
  3. Make the mind thoughtless. 1 minute.
  4. Keep your mind busy on 65 parts of the body one by one from toe to forehead. 5 minutes.
  5. Count the TIK-TIK sound of the alarm time piece for 400 countings. 4 minutes.
  6. Concentrate on your Deity or Guru whichever religion you belong to. 1 minute.
  7. Concentrate on breathing IN and breathing OUT. 4 minutes.

Total 20 minutes

While doing all the above things do not allow any outside thoughts to enter your mind, do not sleep and keep consciousness awake. Oxygen consumption is very less because all muscles except abdomen muscles are completely in relaxed condition.

  1. Palms facing upwards, finger tips not stretched.
  2. Breath IN very slow and breath OUT very slow throughout.
  3. Abdominal breathing - expand stomach on inhalation and contract in exhalation.
  4. Mind and body in a fully relaxed condition.
  5. Keep consciousness awake till 20 minutes of Shavasana and do not go to sleep.
  6. Do not allow outside thoughts to come in your mind till 20 minutes.

In conclusion mind and the body influence each other, the breath rate which is 18 per minute in normal condition comes down to 6 per minute after 20 minutes. Shavasana and the blood circulation in the capillaries becomes normal (due to the mind becoming thoughtless).

This above process has been highly recommended by all the great scientists and cardiologists of the world for heart trouble, hypertension, insomnia and nervous debility.