Yoga for the Home - Women on the Yoga Path

H. H. Sri Swami Sivananda

Satyabhama, the favourite wife of Lord Krishna and the daughter of Satrajit, asked the sons of Pandu "Who are endowed with great strength? How is it that they are never angry with you? They are all ever ready to carry out your wishes. Tell me the secret."

Draupadi replied: "O Satyabhama! Hear now of my conduct towards the high souled Pandavas. I always serve them with intense devotion, giving up vanity and controlling my desire and anger. I do not look or sit or talk with superiority. I do not utter what is false or evil. My heart is never attracted to anybody, young or handsome, wealthy or adorned with ornaments."

"I never bathe or eat or sleep till my husbands have bathed or eaten or slept, till all the servants and our followers have bathed, eaten and slept. Whenever my husbands return from the fields, the forest or the town, I rise hastily and salute them, offering them seats and water. I always keep the house and all the household articles and food clean. I keep them in order also. I carefully preserve the rice and serve it at the proper time."

"I never utter harsh words. I never get angry. I never imitate wicked women. I always do what is pleasant and agreeable. I am never lazy or idle. I never laugh except in jest. I never linger long at the gate of the house. I always refrain from laughing loudly or indulging in things that may give offence. I am ever engaged in serving my husbands."

"Separation from my husbands is never agreeable to me. When they go to other places to see my relations I do not use flowers or scented paste and observe rigid austerities, I always abandon whatever my husbands do not enjoy, whether it be food or drink. I always devotedly seek the welfare of my husbands. I always engage in those duties which my mother-in-law taught me concerning relatives, alms giving, worship of the gods, oblations to ancestors and entertainment of guests. I always perform my duty day and night without the least idleness."

"I behave towards my husbands with great humility and reverence. I never deviate even a bit from the approved rules of conduct while serving them. I serve them always, regarding them as so many poisonous snakes capable of being enraged even at a trifle."

"I am of the opinion that to depend on one's husband is the eternal virtue of a women. The husband is God to her. He is her sole refuge. There is no other refuge for her. How can a wife then act in a way that is disagreeable to her husband?"

"I am always guided by my husbands. I never speak ill of my mother-in-law. I never, in sleeping, eating or adorning my person, act against the wishes of my husbands. I am diligent, brisk and prompt in my actions. I serve my Gurus with extreme humility. Therefore my husbands are highly pleased with me. Every day I serve my revered mother-in-law with love and humility. I wait on her personally with food, drink and clothes."

"I never show any preference to my self over my mother-in-law in matters of food, dress and ornaments. I never rebuke her."