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September 2014 to December 2015, Rikhiapeeth will be celebrating the “Silver Lining Jubilee” of Sri Swamiji’s arrival in Rikhia.
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Ganga Darshan News and Events



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Ashram Life, Yoga and Satsang

This year's 'Ashram Life, Yoga and Satsang' program was held from 11th to 14th December. Swami Niranjanananda conducted the morning class and introduced the new approach to the practice of asana and pranayama. Yoga nidra class was given by sannyasins of Ganga Darshan. In the afternoon, Swamiji's satsang was held at Satyam Vatika.

He presented the 'Yoga Chakra', the wheel of yoga. Swamiji described the history of yoga from Lord Shiva and his teaching of pashupata yoga, to the period when the various yoga branches were established by rishis and their treatises, to the modern period which started in the late nineteenth century.

Swamiji spoke on the six main branches of yoga: hatha yoga, raja ' yoga, kriya yoga - the bahiranga aspect; and karma yoga, bhakti yoga and jnana yoga - the antaranga aspect. This is the sequence for aspirants to follow. Sannyasins of Ganga Darshan gave brief outlines of each branch as taught by Satyananda Yoga.

The evening programs were a wonderful surprise to the residents and guests of the ashram. Moulana Abdullah Bukhari, former Iman of the Jama Masjid of Munger, and his family attended the program. His young daughter, Rabia Syeda, and son, Atullah Bukhari, spoke in a heart-warming manner on their relationship with Swamiji, the ashram and yoga. After the World Yoga Convention of 2013, Moulana Abdullah Bukhari had taken Swamiji's 'thank-you letter to God' to Mecca, the Kaaba and to the sacred city of Medina. He also took copies of APMB translated into Urdu at Ganga Darshan with the help of his family, to eminent scholars. It was touching to witness the long-standing friendship between Swamiji and Moulana Abdullah Bukhari.

The next evening, the premiere of the film on the World Yoga Convention was screened - a moving tribute of the highlights of those five unforgettable days.

The last evening, the sannyasa trainees presented a beautiful show of slides, song and dance, telling the story of Satyananda Yoga and its three masters. At the amphitheatre, they concluded their three-year training in a joyful manner.

Over 200 guests from 25 countries attended the program. During the week, Swamiji initiated 28 aspirants into mantra, and 1 5 into jignasu sannyasa.


On 24th December, Jyoti Mandir was filled with the sounds of Christmas carols. Everyone was immersed in the spirit of celebration.

On 25th December, havan was conducted to the chanting of the 100 names of Jesus and the 108 names of Sri Swamiji. Carol singing, dances of BYMM children and a performance of Indian classical dance made it a wonderful evening for BYMM children, Yuvas, guests and ashram residents. Father Christmas gave presents to all present among lots of laughter.

Swamiji spoke on Jesus who had come with the message of peace. Wherever Jesus went, he would say, "Go in peace," or "Peace be with you." Swamiji explained that through peace we connect to love and through our love we connect to the divine.

New Year's Eve

The year 2014 ended with havan, stotras and kirtan dedicated to Ganesha. This was followed by a dance performed by the BYMM boys on the life of Lord Shiva. The students of the Yogic Studies course performed an African harvest dance, and one student gave a demonstration of Kalari, the martial arts originating in Kerala.



From 7th to13th November, the Yoga Mitra Mandal, Pharasgaon, organized a special yoga sadhana shivir under the banner of the Vivekananda Youth Motivation Program. The shivir was conducted by Swami Gorakhnath, Acharya of Shanti Darshan Ashram, Bokaro.

Morning classes were for everyone, the afternoon classes were open for ladies, and the evening sessions were again open to all. The focus was mental peace and spiritual upliftment. In the evening, yoga nidra, antar mouna, ajapa japa, meditation and mantra sadhana were taught. The shivir was attended by 100 men and 50 ladies.

Apart from these sessions, Swami Gorakhnath visited three educational institutions, the Adarsh School Pharasgaon, the Higher Secondary School Langoda and the Model School Badedonga. He spoke to over 2,000 students on how to improve their physical, mental and intellectual development with asana and pranayama.


Sannyasa Peeth Events

Sannyasa Peeth was established by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati on 6th December 2010, to fulfil the third mission and vision of his Guru, Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

In the modern context sannyasa has to be interpreted in a practical, logical and systematic way. The purpose of sannyasa is to cultivate and to live the higher spiritual qualities.

Sannyasa Peeth will provide an opportunity for sincere aspirants to imbibe the right samskara, be exposed to traditional sadhanas and learn to apply teachings by adhering to an alternative spiritual lifestyle based on the principles and disciplines of sannyasa.

Sannyasa Peeth will be conducting various events and programs for the benefit of spiritual seekers, aspirants and devotees.

For more information please see the activities page.


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