High on Waves

Prayer to the Guru

Life is a canvas,
A magnificent creation of the painter's brush.
The painting depicts the various facets of life
And reflects the pictures of this vast creation.
O artist of our lives,
Use your brush to create new life.
Paint a new life for us all
And in that picture give men, women and children
Laughter, happiness and joy in plenty.
O light of my life,
In this dark night
Give me a glimpse of yourself in my subtle mind,
And make the journey of other co-travellers
Bright, blissful and eternal.
O friend of my journey,
The path to the Source is endless,
Unknown are the ways that lead there,
Only a few travellers dare to tread upon it.
Tell me, when shall we reach it?
I have covered a part of the journey,
Crossed some of the ups and downs
And traversed a few valleys,
But the journey is not yet over.
Inspire me through your paintings
And in the shadow of your feet
Enable me to complete my pilgrimage.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati (1957)