High on Waves


A year has passed, and still
The ego chips and sheds:
Its shattered grains make
Sands that mould; creating new
Foundations beneath life's learnings.
Resistance rises: blocks the path.

But sometimes, when defences fail,
This new unknowing leaves me
Breathless as a child at a window
When yesterday's familiar landscape
Is overnight obliterated by
An unexpected fall of snow.

In ignorance, I try to grasp and hold it
But find it melts and trickles through my hand.
And so I learn that life should be
Experienced and witnessed
And then allowed to flow.

There are new things to live by;
New ways of understanding,
And suddenly, out of nowhere now
A feather falls upon my page:

Small miracles that mark the path
And reassure that unseen guardians
Hover close though in another realm
Beyond my ways of knowing
Or the limits of my human sight.

Jignasu Tararoopa