The Song

Swami Devananda Saraswati, 14 years

Oh how lovely this voice sings
Like wind playing in the trees.
A voice so lovely that it resembles a crystal clear waterfall
gliding over the mossy rocks into the deep and shallow pools.

Hearing a voice so lovely gives the resemblance of
the golden sun playing a melody on the rainbow
as if it were a harp.

In the forest
where the lovely voice sings
there are children who laugh and play.
and it is through their hearts
that this lovely voice sings.
It is a song of love.

All who hear it feel as if their inner soul has been embraced and awakened
Even when the night has blackened the sky and is streaked with stars and is guiding the moon across its path the voice never ceases
But continues stronger than ever before.

This lovely voice sings of love
that cannot be divided or lessened
but of a love that continues to grow and expand.

Only the children with the singing hearts know the source of this voice
No-one else knows.